I Lost Your Virginity Last Night

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I lost your virginity last night.

Or did I? I resent the common vernacular that I took and you lost your virginity, the implication that it was solely a one-way transaction. I mean, you had it, then I had it, and now it’s around here somewhere…

These terms are misleading and simplistic, anyway. It’s usually considered desirable to lose one’s virginity, yet the “taker” is depicted as culpable and cunning — the grim reaper of your own personal Age of Innocence. My actions were not manipulative or deceitful. It’s not my fault we’re not soul mates; that we will never tell a PG-13 version of our story to the kids that will never exist.

I felt it slipping through my fingers the moment you handed it to me. The word elusive comes to mind, but I suspect I could’ve held on to it if I had really tried. You should…

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I'm not as clever as I think I am.
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