The Different Types of Relationships There Are

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The Relationship for Show

The Relationship for Show is characterized by the union of two individuals who are in possession of such large and well-known personas that their reputation often precedes them. Said reputations are likely to be of the quality of “party girl,” “person who often breaks social conventions so as to (but not for the purpose of) be(ing) seen as ‘intense,’” or “highly and loudly knowledgeable about niche interests,” such as, for example, independent film or next-wave fashion. Further, the parties in this type of relationship simply recognize each other as Cool and are attracted because a) Cool is highly valued and b) because they see union as a vehicle to up their level of Coolness. Indeed, the two people in the Relationship for Show find each other almost by some self-organizing principal of reality, nature, society or culture; friends of the two are likely to affirm upon…

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