The Evolution of A Typical Long-Term Monogamous Relationship

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This is what I think about how relationships typically progress.


In many long-term relationships one often comes to perceive his life as happening “before” and “after” he met his partner. Prehistory is the “before.” Prehistory can take many different forms: divorced, widowed, single and depressed, single and highly promiscuous, celebrity, washed-out celebrity, recovering drug addict, etc.

First Contact

Lovers often remember the first time they saw each other. This can happen many years before the actual “hook up” to mere minutes before the “hook up.” First contact can also happen virtually: a profile photograph on a dating website or a poem read on an internet literary magazine. First contact does not necessarily happen in tandem; often one person is unknowingly under the watchful eyes of the other until the watcher reveals herself. First contact does not necessarily immediately lead to romantic interaction.

The Realization That Some Kind of Romantic…

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