Why You Do What You Do: 4 Things We’re Taught To Love For All The Wrong Reasons

Thought Catalog

I can never tell what’s worse: how badly we prohibit ourselves from truly experiencing peace, or how effectively we project that onto other people. We spend half of our lives doing senseless things that are all about some physical reward or sensation we can have, but we know that it will be fleeting and ultimately meaningless. Even if we have gotten to the point where we realize that we should only do things for ourselves, those things are extensions of what society dictates and we feel better because we’re fitting into our own expectations, so really, worrying about what other people think is one hurdle, but getting over what you think is a whole other.

To give you some context, I am framing these ideas within the concept that we, as spiritual beings having physical experiences, are aware that we have to transcend, but we’re doing it in all the…

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