Yeah Trick, I AM Wearing Leggings As Pants. Wanna Fight About It?

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Today, as I’m wont to do in the colder months, I wore leggings as pants. Now, before you stone me to death or unfollow me on Twitter, I’d like to add that I wore them with an appropriately-lengthed shirt (that is a thing I just made up) and the consistency of said leggings was thick enough to hide cellulite, unshaved leg hairs, and every other aesthetic atrocity that pretty much every human being has beneath his or her clothing. In other words, I wore leggings as pants and no one died.

That said, there are occasions when I don’t go through the necessary checklist of legging-acceptable circumstances before leaving the house. (Does the shirt cover four inches of crotch/thigh area, AT LEAST? Are the leggings somehow embellished to make them more “pant-like”? Is my hair in a messy bun to indicate that I’m hungover and can’t be expected to wear real people…

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