Here’s The Difference Between Being In Love and Being Lovesick

Thought Catalog

In the throes of a relationship, it’s usually difficult to step back and see the larger picture. And this is doubly true when you’re deep in an unhealthy, noxious relationship. Perhaps that’s why it’s the unhealthy relationships that we can’t seem to tear ourselves apart from. Yet why is it that the most toxic relationships have to be the most passionate and exciting ones too?

Othello is a fictional character that’s perhaps best representative of lovesickness. It’s fair to say that a fear of the unknown instigated his downfall; in particular, a fear of Desdemona having a sexual desire that he wasn’t previously aware of. It’s a play in which “bonds” and the idea of binding figures prominently, and not coincidentally. Othello feels trapped and suppressed by his own toxic feelings of love and jealousy. He’s also constrained by his own mind, which he can’t control, and which is focused…

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