From Happy Hour To Sunrise: The 9 Stages Of An All-Night Bender

Thought Catalog

As my good friend once said “sometimes you just need to let loose and dance.” And while I’ll probably continue to make fun of him for all of eternity, his statement is most definitely a Grade A Wisdom Nugget. Particularly after the long #grind of the week, it’s generally important that we prove to ourselves that our life isn’t a sham, and that we’re wholly capable of maximizing whatever it is we were sent on this earth to maximize.

Oftentimes, this sort of humanistic hedonistic justification manifests itself by going as close to the edge as humanly possible. The edge meaning the brink, the brink meaning that shot in a movie where you’ve got your arms around your friends, limping home in the backdrop of a sunrise. Clothes ripped, coolly drenched in sweat, the experience so uplifting nobody’s looked at their phone for hours. Though only cause half the…

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