10 Junk Foods That Have No Business Existing

Thought Catalog

Look, we all love junk food. Between that and sex, you’ve got pretty much 90 percent of the reason for sustained human life. What are we working all these boring jobs for, if not to go home to a big plate of take-out pad thai? But there are some things that, beyond just being delicious ends to a particularly stressful day, seem purely out to destroy us. Whether too good, too bad, or just ridiculous, these treats need to just quit it, because they’re kind of being assholes.

1. Cinnabon

Does Cinnabon as a concept serve any purpose other than making you question every decision you’ve ever made the second you sit down to eat one? It’s like you’re sticking a plastic fork and knife directly into a hot, gooey pile of self-loathing and hypertension. There are no upsides to a Cinnabon — even as a cinnamon roll, I think…

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