23 Super Satisfying Feelings You Experience In Adulthood

Thought Catalog

1. Walking into your own apartment, tossing your mail on the table to sort through later, and putting your keys in the key bowl by the door.

2. Going through your bills one by one and paying them off, even if it means you don’t have a ton of spending money that month, because you love the feeling of being able to sleep well at night with every item checked off the list.

3. Being able to invite your friends over whenever you want for dinner or drinks, and being able to entertain people exactly the way you like to.

4. Finally making all the DIY stuff you saw on Pinterest that you’ve been dying to try for a long time.

5. Going to the store and seeing a dessert that looks awesome, and being like, “Oh, shit, I can totally buy this if I want to,” and then totally…

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