4 Foods That Make Me Ashamed To Be An American

Thought Catalog

We are getting fatter as a society and other countries are making fun of us. 

The launch of Taco Bells’ new Dorito shell spits in the face of health and wallows in the mud of our problems. Maybe its because we feed our cows corn instead of grass, maybe its because we scientifically
energy our food with hormones and pesticides, or maybe it’s because we use filler like “pink slime.” Maybe it’s all three. While all of those reasons and a general lack of exercise play a part, the fact is we are an obese society that is burdening its own tax dollars. These four fast food monstrosities aren’t helping our case any. 

Taco Bell’s Dorito Tacos Locos

You like tacos, right? You like Doritos, right? Let’s just save you the pain and suffering of eating them separately so you can now just cram them all in your face simultaneously. We…

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