50 Things To Say During A Breakup

Thought Catalog

Every relationship is a unique, special snowflake – until it dissolves. Then its contents are reduced to cliché-riddled proclamations and accusations. Breakups bring the crappy screenwriter out in all of us. One minute we’re all, “You are the warmest socks on the coldest winter day,” and the next we’re reciting lines from a Jennifer Aniston movie. Here, compiled for your convenience (and avoidance) – the 50 most overused breakup phrases.
  1. We need to talk.
  2. Are you okay?
  3. So what does this mean?
  4. I’m so sorry.
  5. I’m just trying to do what’s right for both of us.
  6. I want my key back.
  7. I just need some time to think about things.
  8. I never meant to hurt you.
  9. Is this really what you want?
  10. This is hard for me, too.
  11. I hope we can still be friends.
  12. What am I going to tell [our friends/my parents/the kids]?
  13. There’s no one else, I…

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