8 Things That Are Unintentionally Gay

Thought Catalog

1. Jackass

I really hate to burst your hetero bubble, but Jackass may have been the gayest show on television. It was certainly gayer than Queer As Folk, which went as far as showing men giving each other rimjobs. Yep, Jackass was still more homosexual than that. The bromance that existed between these men took homoeroticism to a new level. They were always naked and touching each other’s dicks, trying to inflict harm on their genitalia. Occasionally they would blow something up or eat dog shit but the whole show mostly revolved around naked men fondling each other. I don’t hate it but I must ask this: How cum straight guys are gayer than gay guys?

2. Twilight

Twilight was obviously written by a sexually frustrated Mormon housewife. Her books are all about frumpy girls and the muscle dreamboats who love them. Think about it. They make knockouts like…

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