Being A Person of Color Does Not Give You A Free Pass To Be Racist

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A few months ago, I viewed the shitshow called the called the MTV movie awards, and as an Indian woman, I couldn’t help but cringe when I saw this. Lately, there has been a lot of backlash on Miley Cyrus for her appropriation of African Americans, and she rightfully deserves to be called out on it.

However, when Selena Gomez appropriates Indian culture in her music videos, in order to be “exotic,” and fails to even understand WHAT culture she is exploiting, she is given a free pass, because there appears to be the notion that her half-hispanic blood signifies that she cannot other-ize another culture. This is the same logic that was used in the case of the Zimmerman trial, when people assumed that the issue was “not about race” because Zimmerman was part Hispanic.

In interviews, she explains her song to be “Middle Eastern” and “tribal.”…

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