The 9 Completely Nonsensical Things I Will Do If I Really Like You

Thought Catalog

This one goes out to all of the boys who have ever called me, or any other girl they’ve chased, crazy. You may have been onto something.

1. I will start sending and/or responding to flirty texts (read: booty calls) from every guy who has been into me in the past three years. I will even send texts to guys that had previously scored multiple touchdowns in the friend zone. (Note: that’s how you know it’s really bad). Why? With crushes/infatuations/already-printed wedding invitations (see? I said it was bad) comes vulnerability. I probably feel so vulnerable in our (likely imaginary) relationship that I feel the need to not just delicately place a few eggs in other baskets but throw them vehemently at my exes. All. Of. My. Exes. The more psychologically-inclined of you will recognize this phenomenon as self-sabotage.

2. I will post post pictures of me with other guys…

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