What Would Happen If A Man Was Trapped In A Woman’s Body For 24 Hours

Thought Catalog

He wakes up and immediately grab his boobs. They’re so round and squishy and soft and fun, so he spends three hours squeezing and pulling and plumping to his hearts delight. He contemplates getting out of bed to start his day, only to spend another thirty minutes playing with his boobs before moving.

Once out of bed he stands in front of the mirror for an additional hour. He sucks in his tummy and stares at his ass and admires how beautiful every curve and dimple and freckle are. He’s captivated by his collar bone and seduced by his thighs and hypnotized by so much naked skin. He silently wonders how he will possibly get anything done, knowing this body is only clothes-deep.

While in the shower he realizes his normal dose of shampoo will not do. With more hair on his head than ever before he awkwardly scrubs and…

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