5 Dates You Have To Go On This Summer

Thought Catalog

1. Take a day trip

Summer is all about going on adventures with the people you love. You have to treat every day like it’s a never-ending popsicle for you to suck on and not give a damn if the sweet juice sticks to your fingers and makes everything a mess. Summer is inherently dirty. If you’re not getting a little scuffed up, you’re doing it wrong.

A cheap and easy way to start getting your feet dirty with your significant other is to go somewhere, anywhere, that’s not where you live. Drive to the beach, to a swimming hole, to a river, or to a faraway park. It really doesn’t matter, does it? The point is to just get away with the person you adore and experience something different together. Practically anything new is considered to be romantic. You get 10,000 relationship points just for THINKING of something that’s…

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