5 Foods That Are More Addictive Than Crack

Thought Catalog

Warning: Consuming the five following foods will result in weight gain, disbelief (“I ate all of that? That can’t be possible! There’s no way. Wait, there’s video of me eating it? And a photo album on Facebook that’s titled, “Here are pictures of me eating this inordinate amount of food”? Curses!) and an overall sense of disgust with oneself. Avoid these foods at all costs and stick to eating a Clif bar instead. J/K, those are sick.

1. Wheat Thins

“Are you there, God? It’s me, Wheat Thins! Do you remember me? You sent me to this Earth to cause both joy and utter pain to snackers? Well, people are starting to get really upset because they’re eating entire boxes of me and experiencing rapid weight gain. This isn’t my fault, God! You are my creator, the one who made me criminally delicious so I’m blaming it all on you…

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