5 Things You Shouldn’t Do After 10 PM, For People With Unreliable Emotions

Thought Catalog

1. Don’t text him. It’s tempting, I know. Like where did all of this confidence come from? You’re feeling really good and it’s hard to explain why. Plus at this hour, all of your thoughts have morphed into hyperboles:

“I only live once! Why NOT?!”

“There’s NOTHING to lose!”

“He HAS to know how I feel! And he has to know RIGHT NOW!”

“No, this is REALLY funny. He’ll get it.”

“You know what? He should BE so lucky. Screw it, I’m sending it.”

Did you just become incredibly witty and well-spoken? Unlikely. Sure, everything sounds effortlessly sophisticated in your head right now. I get it. I’ve been there. But I’m telling you… sending that text is like eating Oreos at midnight — it feels good for about 30 seconds, but the next morning you’ll wish you could just throw it all up and start over.

2. Don’t search “John Hughes movie clips” on YouTube. Just…

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