How I Met My Boyfriend

Thought Catalog

Relationships don’t happen instantly. You might know how you feel about someone right away, but often, there’s a slow progression toward each other — a fleeting meeting, a budding friendship, a frightened trepidation, a first kiss. For Valentine’s Day, two of our contributors decided to reflect on their relationship together and write about the night they met, not showing each other their accounts until we publish them here on TC. Because they’re a couple of romantic jerks like that. Below, Gaby’s story.

The night I met you, I was wrong about love.

I thought love was hard and tiring. I thought it left dark circles under your eyes and miserable bruises inside and out. I thought for certain that love wasn’t worth it.

The first time I saw you, you were on stage, hosting a comedy open mic at a bar near Boston called Sally O’Brien’s. I was a college…

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