Why I Reject The Idea Of Hooking Up

Thought Catalog

I’ve heard from a number of various sources that among the culture of 20-something courtship, the idea of actual, formal dating is dead. It has been replaced by group hangouts and nights out at the bar where, and I’m not exactly sure how it happens but I suspect it has something to do with alcohol, if two people like each other, they will sleep together at the first opportunity that presents itself.

Then, as I’m sure you’ve all read in some fashion on this site, they will try to navigate the feelings they have, whether elation or disgust, in the hours of the early morning and for days after.

According to a Valentine’s Day post on ‘RealBeauty.com’ last year, the statistics of people’s relationship status on Facebook reflected that, of the 900 million users worldwide, 37.4% are single, 31% are married, and 21.6% are listed as being in a relationship.

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