9 Things You’re Entitled To Be Really Mad About When Dating

Thought Catalog

1. Never being on time for/standing you up on dates, and not informing you if something is holding them up.

This only excusable for genuine reasons such as being stuck in traffic with a dead phone battery, an emergency, etc. And even then, if it has happened one too many times, well, how many emergencies can one person go through in a short period of time?

2. They’re constantly checking their phone when they are with you.

If they do this, how important could you be to them?

3. Taking unimportant and easily avoidable calls when they are with you.

Same as #2.

4. If they bump into someone they know when they’re out with you, they ditch you for that person.

Or even ask them to join you and then completely ignore you throughout the remainder of the ‘date’. That’s equally unacceptable.

5. Always having an excuse for why…

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