9 Ways You Know You’re Dating A Manchild

Thought Catalog

1. He has lunchbox food tastes.

He hides from anchovies which he calls “worms.” He downs his veggies before his meat, because he likes to save “The good bits for last.” You’ve debated the benefits of raw fish for months, and finally, you drag him to a sushi train. He proceeds to stuff his face with fried chicken rolls and grins proudly “See? I’m eating Sushi? Happy now?”

2. He doesn’t see the point of recycling.

This red flags a host of issues, above all: laziness and stupidity. He will even argue that it is a conspiracy theory. “Oh, like putting my six pack of bottles in the yellow bin is going to make THAT much of a difference!” and then he calls you a hippie and storms out.

3. He doesn’t see the point of making his bed.

In this situation, it’s good to remind yourself that he has…

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