What The Time You Wake Up Says About You

Thought Catalog

4:00am or earlier

Let’s see, you probably hate Marimba, or whatever jingle is currently being used as your alarm. You’re being held by the man’s dream killing clench that has you working a job you hate; but you need food, water, electricity and a roof over your head so you’re currently stuck showing up for shifts that begin before the rooster crows. You’re in dire need a hug, but you’re too tired and irritable to request or accept one, so you just continue living vicariously through Julia Roberts in Eat, Pray, Love until you win the lottery or muster up the funds/courage to find a new gig.



You’re probably visiting several of those 4am risers at their jobs, many of whom are the baristas who will hook you up with your morning coffee before you head off…

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