10 Places On The Internet You Should Never Go

Thought Catalog

1. Your old Xanga/Livejournal/etc.

Spoiler alert: You were a huge tool at the age of 15. And while there is certainly a certain morbid curiosity in exploring all of the things you were doing and the people you were falling madly in and out of love with every two weeks, it’s best to avoid this for the most part. The other day, I lost a full two hours scrolling, mesmerized by my Xanga-era idiocy. It was all a blur of Jimmy Eat World quotes, weird inside jokes that I apparently had with friends that make no sense, and boyfriends I was “head over heels for (lessthanthree)” after a month. I LITERALLY WROTE OUT THE WORDS LESS THAN THREE. Can we just collectively burn these websites and never go back to that part of the internet again?

2. The blog you hate-read.

Your brain is not getting anything new from this…

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