20 Questions That Men And Women Are Afraid To Ask Each Other (With Answers!)

Thought Catalog

In the name of research, and also in the name of awesome Gchat conversations, I decided recently to sit down with my good buddy and most blessed coworker Christopher Hudspeth for a Q&A session featuring all of the gender-oriented mysteries that plague our respective teams. We went back-and-forth with 10 questions each whose answers have always remained a point of alternating fear and curiosity, and here are the divine results:

Christopher: For years now I’ve heard whispers of women gauging male attractiveness by the shoes they’re wearing. Is this actually true and will my unkempt, beat up Converse sneakers leave me destined for heartbreak?

Chelsea: Obviously that is a hugely personal/individual choice, but I’d say that a lot of women do judge based on shoes to some degree, largely because we are expected to always look a certain way and present ourselves with a certain amount of care, and it…

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