5 Reasons Why It Would Be Awesome To Have A Boyfriend Right Now

Thought Catalog

1. You’d have someone to go home with for the holidays

I’m sorry but going home for Christmas when you’re single is the pits. Not only do you have to sit through a constant barrage of questioning about your romantic prospects (“Do you have a great love in your life?” is how my grandmother greets me now. There’s no easing into it. She immediately just goes there because she’s old and she can), but also because you have someone to commiserate with during all of the tense moments. Also, hello, the sex.  Last year, I went to Cape Cod with my family and EVERYONE brought their significant other, which literally made me the ninth wheel. I was so jealous at nighttime when everyone would retire to their bedrooms together and I’d just be like, “OK, I’m on the pullout because I’m the only one who came alone. Good night!”

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