The Difference Between An Introvert And A Self-Conscious, Unconfident Extrovert

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The Difference Between An Introvert And A Self-Conscious, Unconfident Extrovert

We don’t hesitate to diagnose and throw labels around these days. You make sure your doors are locked at night, you have OCD. You don’t like sharing drinks, you’re a germaphobe. You spent three hours distracted from responsibilities and clicking through YouTube, you’ve got ADD. And a lot of those videos were in 1080p, so perhaps you even have ADHD? We exaggerate, sometimes insensitively, as conditions like OCD can be serious and life inhibiting in severe cases. While the terms introvert and extrovert are nothing more than personality adjectives, humans aren’t always so cut-and-dried.

Depending on the situation, I can be one or the other at any given time. The Packers scored a touchdown? I’M VOCALLY CELEBRATING WITH THE LOUDEST OF ‘EM! At a party where many in attendance are small-talking, conversation controlling, attention seeking types? I’m drained after five minutes and want nothing more than to retreat to the…

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