Valid Reasons Why You Should Dump Your Significant Other

Thought Catalog

Dump someone if they treat you like crap. They don’t have to be overtly cruel and pulling a Chris Brown on you. If you didn’t already know, there are a myriad of ways you can treat someone terribly. Your BF/GF might be doing it more on the DL. Since it’s more subtle, their rudeness is hard to pinpoint and bring to their attention. The thing is that no one should ever be making you feel bad about yourself, especially the person who’s supposed to be loving you the most. “Hi. I got into a relationship so I could be loved MORE, not less. If I wanted to be treated badly, I would go back to my best friend in junior high.”

Dump someone if it feels like a lot of work, if it feels like you should be getting paid for babysitting whenever you’re together or if you feel like…

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