7 Dumbest Things People Buy

Thought Catalog

A Bed

Thanks to bedmaker propaganda (Mattress Giant, Sleep Number, etc.), everyone’s under the impression that beds are an essential part of a bedroom, as essential as walls or a floor. But guess what: contrary to popular belief/common sense, the human spinal cord is incredibly resilient, able to tolerate significant long-term strain and abuse like, say, sleeping on a couch, a stone slab, or newspaper. Personally, I’ve slept in a sleeping bag on an air mattress for two years now, and yes, it is anathema to girls, and yes, it can be uncomfortable, and yes, I am much more intimate with the roaches and centipedes on the floor, and yes, it does makes my room look like a backroom brothel, but on the bright side, it rolls up fast if I need to move.


Once again, Corporate America tries to sell us on the notion you need a specific…

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