13 Of History’s Biggest Assholes

Thought Catalog

1. Charles Dickens

Dickens was a grade-A asshole, and especially to his family. You’d think that a man who had 10 children with his first wife Catherine might have a penchant for kids, but that was certainly not the case with Charles Dickens. On the day that his son Plorn was born, he wrote “On the whole I could have dispensed with him.” In his biography, Claire Tomalin delineates Dickens’s general attitude towards his children,

There was…the feeling that he had too many sons needing to be educated and launched into the world, boys he found noisy and difficult to communicate with, boys who seemed to be inheriting the worst characteristics of both side of the family—indolence, passivity and carelessness with money. He disciplined them hard at home, insisting on tidiness and punctuality, gave them tasks and inspected their clothes, which led to “mingled feelings of dislike and resentment” and…

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