25 Signs You’re Underemployed

Thought Catalog

1. You’ve started to realize that using the very skills you were hired for will probably just end up disrupting the status quo. Best to put your head down and get the work done without the extraneous hassle.

2. Your parents or loved ones brush off your current situation as if it’s a leak in the ceiling that will be fixed in a matter of days. Phrases like “you’re so talented, they have to see that” permeate conversations with an incessantness worthy of a college sophomore who can’t stop talking about the sweet townhouse they just locked down for junior year.

3. You’ve descended into depths that in the not so distant past you swore you’d never go to. I am of course talking about endorsing people on LinkedIn.

4.  Superiors assign you tasks that they think will take you at least a day to complete. It’ll probably take…

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