6 Big Problems With Having Big Boobs

Thought Catalog

Last weekend, I overheard a woman at a bar. She was complaining to her friends — along with a drooling, semi-professional suit — that “having big boobs is soooo hard!” The crowd quickly laughed and dismissed her, while she tucked into her vodka soda with a knowing smirk on her face. Vom. (Also, my representative heuristic for ‘sophisticated drink’ is vodka soda. That also might have been the wrong use of representative heuristic. BUT I DIGRESS.)

We all know this woman: the 36-26-35 bombshell whose perfectly round rack may or may not have assisted them in getting nominated for homecoming queen, lead singer of a garage band, and/or associate in a management consulting firm. You might even think I am that girl, judging from the title of this article. Just another beauty complaining about her great boobs. How wrong you are; I am a 5’1”, frizzy-haired, big-mouthed grad student weirdo…

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