7 Kinds Of Wedding Photos We Are Done With Now

Thought Catalog

Just say no, guys.

1. Everyone jumping in the air

This photo looked really cool the first time I saw it. Wow, your friends have some sweet joie de vivre! But every subsequent picture looks worse and worse. Why are you jumping? Why does one person not have a leg anymore? Why did your photographer not photoshop that tree back together when he inevitably gave up on making the timed shot work and c/p-ed you guys all together? We are all done with taking this photo now, okay? The quota of timed jumping in the air photos for the entire world has been met now. Thank you for your cooperation.

2. Chalkboard messages

“I do.” “Me too.” Do what? Barf? That makes three of us. In all seriousness these shots are distracting because I can’t help but worry about your future marriage. Why are you sending messages to the camera?…

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