8 Ways To Win Your Next Hookup

Thought Catalog

Hook-up culture is on the rise amongst millennials, especially those of us who are still stuck in the college grind. Gone are the days of bashfully earnest flirtation; we live in an age where getting someone into bed doesn’t necessarily equate any desire to get to know him or her.

And we are at an age that is confusing and slightly stressful — between worrying about classes, internships, and the nebulous black hole that is the Real World, who has time for romance?

I can’t even count the number of times this week that I have had to comfort my girlfriends who were upset that X boy didn’t text them back or that they saw Y boy making out with a freshman at some party.

These little things used to bother me as well, but that’s exactly what they are: little, insignificant things. The solution is not to stick your…

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