9 Mistakes Every Man Makes When It Comes To Women

Thought Catalog

1. Assuming that her sexuality is for male consumption.

Whether it’s the bisexual woman who is expected to make out with a woman at a party to the whooping chimpanzee calls of a thousand hardening frat boys, or the straight woman who is presumed to have wanted some serious pipe tonight because she happened to wear a matching bra and underwear, it’s inescapable. (Pro tip: Wearing a matching bra and underwear, regardless of circumstance, makes you suddenly feel like all of your problems are manageable and not so bad in the grand scheme of things. It rarely has to do with sex.) In any case, though, female sexuality is often interpreted as some kind of peacock-feather-display to get the attention of any and all men in a three-mile radius. This is false and, frankly, quite insulting.

2. Expecting a performance.

Women feel as though they have to start screaming during…

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