The 15 Most Popular Thought Catalog Posts From Last Week

Thought Catalog

Hi people, I’ll be curing your FOMO weekly by posting a list of the most popular (by clicks) posts from the previous week. Here are the most popular posts from Sept. 1-8.

31 Yahoo! Questions That Will Make You Give Up On People

If you work in an office with other people, you might need to save this until you get home. Cry laughing at your desk is not that professional.


15 Terms Guys Use To Describe Women, And What They Actually Mean

You may need to call your mom and tell her you love her after reading this.


Slam Piece

“Official” Definition: Anyone you would never marry or date, but would fuck into the Andromeda galaxy.

Bottom Line: A girl you have sexual relations with. The insinuation is that you have little to no emotional attachment with them. Many a Frat Bro yearns for the perfect slam…

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