The 8 Types of Friends That Will Change Your Life After College

Thought Catalog

Making friends as an adult is far from a walk in the dog park. It’s been a well-documented struggle–from the Neil Peart-fueled buddy Bromance I Love You, Man to the pretty solid video below, we’ve seen the perils and pitfalls that come with trying to achieve platonic intimacy with another (relatively) mature human entity.

These courtships tend to flood themselves with awkward pauses, financial bracket litmus tests, and plenty of overzealous drink slam-downs–emphasizing the gravitas that is the collective struggle of dealing with their significant other, or socially opaque boss.

That said, because postgraduates are pretty into embracing hashtaggable interest and career related cultural movements, we inevitably expose ourselves to a new cast of characters–the types of people that will signify that we’re shockingly capable of moving on from college.

The path to becoming a Real Human Being (and a real hero) is dark and full of terrors, but here…

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