7 Lessons About Makeup I Learned The Hard Way

Thought Catalog

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Makeup is amazing and silly: it’s undeniably fun to paint on your face. Yet the process of purchasing products and learning to use them can border on bewildering. As a public service, I have assembled some of toughest lessons I have learned. Reader beware: it isn’t pretty.

7. One of life’s greatest riddles is where your lip gloss has disappeared to. Don’t try to understand it. Some things weren’t meant for humankind to unravel.

6. Wearing red lipstick will make you feel Brigitte Bardot — sexy and ready to confidently kiss whomever you like. However, because you are wearing red lipstick, it took you at least 20 minutes to get it on and you kept using makeup remover to fix the parts where you accidentally went over your lip line and now your skin is irritated, so you will choose not to kiss anyone. You will also spend the rest…

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