If Social Media Platforms Were Relationships

Thought Catalog

Who am I kidding. Social media platforms already are relationships. Overwhelmingly, they’re how we relate to ourselves, a hyper-real community of people, and the world at large. It’s some pretty chilling shit to think about, but duh, you already knew all that because the inherent nature of you being here reading this suggests that you are of the Internet. So supposing the social media platforms we regularly frequent were actual physical relationships–you know, like the kinds that go on dates and have sex–this is what I imagine they would look like.


Twitter is a new relationship. You’re constantly learning new things about one another, but are also only marginally invested; it wouldn’t take much to turn you off and send you chasing after the next hot piece of ass you see. A Twitter “like” is the equivalent of casually hooking up, but an RT would be looking into each…

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