I’ve Been Wearing Women’s Underwear For 6 Months To Keep My Wife Oblivious To The Fact That I Cheated On Her

They’re both wrong in the relationship, I think.. Couple’s counseling would have been better.

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Producer’s note: this story was excerpted from “CheaterInSexyPanties” user’s Reddit account of somewhat botched adultery.

My wife cut me off sexually years ago with no regard for how hurt and rejected this has made me. And yes, I have tried everything to fix it. She refuses therapy. She sees nothing wrong with her having no libido and doesn’t understand why my hand doesn’t suffice. Hence, I get my physical intimacy needs met elsewhere. And I refuse to divorce because I want to see my children every day. With that out of the way…

Six months ago, I had purchased a few pairs of sexy panties for my girlfriend. I had them all, I thought, safely stuffed into my jacket pocket. However, one must’ve slipped loose when I left for work that morning, because when I came home I found my wife sitting on the couch with the most furious look…

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