15 Tips To Make You Feel Pretty As Hell (For Men & Women!)

Thought Catalog

15 Tips To Make You Feel Pretty As Hell (For Men & Women!)

1. Wear something spectacular that nobody else can see. Pretty underwear, a snakeskin belt, cartoon-themed socks. Put on something special that isn’t visible to the general public and just wear that sexiness for you to feel better. I have a pair of cerulean, silk panties that basically make my confidence yell “It’s Morphin’ Time!” and feel all heroic.

2. Recently a woman told me I was beautiful and it made me so much more confident for the rest of the day. I’d like to thank my mom for that, and suggest that all of you talk to your mother since, generally speaking, she’ll give you compliments if you fish for them. She created you so she’s wearing mom-goggles that create biases in your favor.

3. Look at middle school yearbooks, evaluating your face in various pictures. Then go to a mirror. Surely some aesthetic progress has been made. Ugliness…

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