An Open Letter To My Friend Who’s Dating The Loser

Thought Catalog

The term by which you refer to him – The Boyfriend – is so revealing. “Can’t talk now, I’m Skyping The Boyfriend.” Not once have I heard you speak of him by his first name, though you’ve been dating long enough for us to be familiar with it. He is generic, unspecific, merely a placeholder in your life for what you think you need to have. He could go on any teenage girl’s dream list of her life checklist: high school, college, boyfriend, husband, job, family – just fill in the blanks with the names and titles. You don’t love him; you love the idea of what he offers you – the ability to be A Girlfriend. In this way, you both can be the hollow figurines on top of the wedding cake, a real life Ken and Barbie, the formulaic Happy (more on that later) Couple you’d been waiting…

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