38 Of The Most Shocking, WTF Secrets From 38 Strangers On The Internet

Thought Catalog

In the spirit of Friday the 13th, here are some real-life horror stories. Found on—where else?—r/AskReddit.

1. chasetheworld

My father got me pregnant at 13. I miscarried after two months. I still can’t be alone in a room with him. I’m now 19.

2. jeaclaudevandriver

I occasionally pay hot girls to beat me up.

3. Bignaztea

Went to a strip club one night unwilling I add. It was my second time at one of these establishments also. It was a few days before payday. I was almost broke. Went with a bunch of people I didn’t know. Girls coming and going, giving me a table dance and flirting hard. The more I drank the more turned on I was. One girl come up and say 50$ gets you in the back with me. I go in the back and she instantly takes my pants off, throws a condom…

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