Letter From the Modern-Day Courtesans (Because Not All of Us Are That Weak)

Thought Catalog

This article is in response to an article published on Thought Catalog last week called “Letter From The Modern Day Cortesans”, by Leigh Alexander.

Greetings, ladies and gentlemen. I am here as a representative of the wild girls, the ones you still dream about. We are the women who were irresistible, whose double-time, exotic lives fascinated you to the extent that you let yourself fall in, just for a moment.

We seemed bulletproof, which made the moment when we looked into your eyes and asked for understanding all the more magical. Sprawled out on our beds, naked, wanting and looking up at you, we made you feel like more of a man than you’d ever imagined possible. You fucked us hard, gently, lovingly, brutally; your cock felt new and powerful, like it was showing you what this whole “living” thing is really about.

When we weren’t there, you were…

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