Letter From The Modern-Day Courtesans

Thought Catalog

Greetings, gentlemen. I am here as a representative of the women you still feel torn about. We are the women who, when we gave you a bit of our flashing eye, our masterful pursed lip, made you feel momentarily like you were the regent of our great universe. We hope that you loved it.

You, of course, referred to Us to all of your friends as ‘that crazy girl.’ This, we knew. Yet privately we thought well of you anyway; we saw you as no one else has yet seen you. As a truly powerful creature who was broken for a moment. We saw in you both greatness and vulnerability, and we adored you.

Darling, we adored you.

Of course, when you said ‘crazy,’ what you meant was ‘hot.’ We made you feel crazy. We do wield our sexuality like a weapon against which you have always been helpless; we…

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