10 Break Up Tips I Wish I Listened To

Thought Catalog

My first serious relationship ended this past winter, and for the next few weeks of my life, I transformed into a Hormone Monster. Let me tell you: life is pretty bleak when all you have the energy to do is wrap yourself in a blanket burrito and watch Netflix while simultaneously Kleenexing your face and eating Rocky Road ice cream by the pint.

Eventually, I got over both my ex and our break-up — the circumstances that catalyzed our break-up had made it particularly painful. My friends had given me a lot of advice I refused to listen to, as a foolhardy 19-year-old girl who believed she was the first person to ever experience something that awful.

However, hindsight is 20/20, and my friends turned out to be right. These are some of the better break-up pearls of wisdom I received; be smarter than me and listen to these pointers — it’ll…

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