10 Things You Should Try Before You Fly

Thought Catalog

There’s nothing that opens up my soul more than floating above the clouds in a large metal bird with strangers. In all my 24 years, I still have yet to accept the finite facts surrounding physics, gravity and the reality that a large hunk of steel can transport humans through the sky to another time zone. It’s mystical to me – which is why I prefer to entertain these enlightened thoughts that come from analyzing this inconceivable experience.

We wait in numerous lines, are herded like cattle, shuffled through a wind tunnel, have our personal belongings fingered through, and then sit on a sticky chair – wondering who else had their sweaty ass here not too long ago. An agitated voice of a woman comes over the loud speaker, and you check the screen, double check your boarding pass, triple check the screen, and then smile with the excitement of…

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