15 Things You Learn From Being A Teenage Girl

Thought Catalog

1. If you are not in possession of large (or at least relatively large) breasts, you will never be as popular or well-liked as the girls who are more generously endowed. You also think that this will somehow dissipate as time goes on, but (at least in bars) it continues to be shockingly true.

2. No matter how good you are feeling about yourself, one snide or negative comment from someone you really admire or have a crush on will ruin everything about you. You could go from winning the Nobel Peace Prize to crying incoherently into your Snuggie with one word from a popular girl.

3. You can maintain long, complex friendships with people you really don’t even like all that much simply because you are in the same social circles and in constant proximity with one another. No matter how much the two of you may actually have…

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