21 Things We All Need

Thought Catalog

1. Someone who really understands us and gets not the person we want others to think we are, but the person we really are. We need someone who sees that person and truly cherishes them, just the way they are.

2. Something to lie next to at night, whether that’s a pillow that you hug, the teddy bear you still have from your childhood, your best non-human friend or the love of your life.

3. To know that it’s okay when we screw up and that we are both forgiven and loved for not being perfect. We need to know that it’s okay to mess up, so we can work on getting better.

4. People to push us to be better people, who love us too much to let us stay scared and broken. We need people who lift us up and help us be more whole.

5. To feel…

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