27 Gross Things Everybody Does When No One Is Looking

Thought Catalog

Don’t even bother writing in the comments about how you ‘neeeeeever do these things,’ because we know you do. Just own it.

1. Picking your nose, sometimes with vigor, and then scientifically observing the contents.

2. Making disgusting food concoctions that absolutely no one would ever enjoy except you, but which are completely delicious and satisfying.

3. Biting off little pieces of your lip and swallow them.

4. Clipping nails (and toenails) just about everywhere in your apartment, and only sometimes cleaning up the remains.

5. Eating foods in your bed, and not just the kinds of foods which are bed-eating friendly, we’re talking the ones which are clearly going to make a mess and end up getting all over.

6. Picking up crumbs off of yourself and eating them without giving it a second thought.

7. Make yourself burp a lot until you almost accidentally throw up.

8. Thoroughly…

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